Professor Lipscomb’s Nano-Lecture

At the 2003 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, Nobel Laureate William Lipscomb delivered an especially animated Nano-Lecture, on the topic CHEMISTRY. See it here. This is the third of the five Nano-Lectures we’ll be posting. The Nano-Lecture recalled Mike Stanfill’s magnificent tribute to Tom Lehrer, which was part of the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

January mini-AIR

The January issue of mini-AIR just went out. Read it here. Contents include, among other things: / Survey: Beauty and Truth / Filth-in-Foods Paeans / A Month Without Frogs / Tea Scum Backward Poets / Hladik, Hladik, Hladik, Hladik Hoorah / BOVINE INDECISION LIMERICK CONTEST / RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT: The Danger of Chinese / More Hair […]

The Lugnut Letters

In Re Louis the Lugnut You dastardly FIENDS!!!! How could you kill Louis the Lugnut??????! Bring him back!!!!!!! F. T. Alvis, Ph.D.,University of Cambridge, England That is the first in our voluminous collection of letters regarding the demise of the “Louis the Lugnut” comic strip. The Lugnut Society, the foremost group of admirers and scholars […]

Emily Yuan’s Nano-Lecture

High school student Emily Yuan delivered her Nano-Lecture on the topic MEMORY. This is the second of the five Nano-Lectures (from the recent Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony) that we’ll be posting. The accompanying photo appears in the special Ig Nobel issue of the magazine.