Warrier Bird Memorial

Investigator Andrew Conroy writes, in regard to the ” British Strategic Pigeon Initiative vs. American Strategic Missile Defense Initiative” survey that was conducted in mini-AIR 2004-06 and mini-AIR 2004-07: In Worthing, UK, we have the world’s only war memorial to birds lost in action! This memorial to so-called “Warrior Birds” resides in Beach House Park […]

Ig Nobel Poster

Here’s a downloadable poster for the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. The paper version (which just went off to the printer) is white-on-black, the reverse of the version here. For additional details about the ceremony, see the 2004 Ceremony home page.

In Memorium: Gretchen Worden

Our friend Gretchen Worden, the director and soul of the Mutter Museum, has died. We and the world will miss her and her view of the world very much. Here is a passage from Gretchen’s obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “In most museums you go to look at objects,” she wrote in [her] book’s [The […]

Everybody Loves Trinkaus

John Trinkaus, winner of the 2003 Ig Nobel Literature Prize, has a growing legion of admirers. Read Trinkaus’s Ig citation here. Read an admirer’s rhapsody here. And read the classic Annals of Improbable Research article “Trinkaus – An Informal Look.” here.

Leeches Approved

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for the first time cleared the commercial marketing of leeches for medicinal purposes. … Leeches have been used as an alternative treatment to blood-letting and amputation for several thousand years. They reached their height of medicinal use in the mid- 1800?s. Today they are used in medicine throughout […]

Bryozoans Are Beautiful

Bryozoans are beautiful creatures. Or at least they photograph well. See some lovely pictures on the front and back covers of volume 10, no. 3 of the Annals of Improbable Research. See those here. The photos were taken by Simon Hall of the University of Bristol. Read one of his research reports about Bryozoans here.