Michael Jackson Surgery


Michael Jackson Surgery

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compiled by B. Vanatian, AIR staff

Three Belgian plastic surgeons have pulled off a medical coup that has gone strangely uncelebrated. They report their findings in a stirring article:

Mandibular Angle Augmentation with the Use of Distraction and Homologous Lyophilized Cartilage in a Case of Morphing to Michael Jackson Surgery,” M.Y. Mommaerts, J.S. Abeloos, H. Gropp, Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique, vol. 46, no. 4, August 2001, pp. 336-40.

The authors, who are at Hôpital General Saint-Jean, Bruges, Belgium, explain that:

This article presents a combination of distraction osteogenesis and lyophilized cartilage used to three-dimensionally over-augment the mandibular angle of a long-face prognathic patient who had the wish to be morphed to Michael Jackson or at least as far as current technique and his endogenic features allowed.

This is both an exciting medical story and a heartwarming human tale. We suggest that you go to your favorite reference librarian and request a copy of the full, original article. It's one of the rare medical technical reports that anyone -- with or without medical training -- can fully appreciate.

(NOTE: This is adapted from an item that appeared in the "AIRhead Medical Review" column in AIR 8:4.)

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