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Uri's Televised Adoption

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compiled by B. Vanatian, AIR staff

Uri Geller, a singular inventor known for his silver tongue and bent spoons, has turned his high-powered mind to the problem of human adoption. His remarkable solution: "a television game show and online media event, wherein couples compete against each other to win legal custody of the child." Geller describes the details in a patent application (US #20020091564), which can be viewed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web site. The application was filed on January 11, 2001. As of this writing (February, 2003) it awaits approval.

If his program is successful, Uri Geller will have provided yet another remarkably instructive lesson for humankind. For all but history's most ambitious inventors -- the Thomas Edisons, Nicola Teslas, and Troy Hurtubises -- a legacy of famously bent spoons (and all their various humanitarian uses) would have been more than enough cause for satisfaction and a slaking of boyish curiosity and drive. But Uri Geller was not content to rest on his silverware, and the world is a more interesting place for that.

Here are two excerpts from U.S. Patent Application #20020091564:

(Thanks to investigator Martin Meder for bringing this to our attention.)

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