An alternate resonant vision

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

Gerard (Gerrie) Smit's recommended version of the Rife Resonator.

We recently received the following scientifically precise letter from Gerard (Gerrie) Smit. It concerns the famous Rife Resonator.

Dear Sir/Madam

There are a few link mistakes on the article on the Rife Resonator:

The link: "What is the Rife Resonator?" should link to (Rife resonator is a generic word and your current link goes only to one a manufacturer)

The following sentence is not true as I explained that there are more than one manufacturer and brand: The manufacturer, Naturetronics, describes it as "The worlds easiest to use Bio-Active frequency instrument." The manufacturer also says that "This amazing technology may not be available in the future." This link do not exist as the company does not exist.

I suggest that you rather substitute this sentence with the followingsentence: "Rife resonator" is a generic name referring to the electrotherapy devices originally developed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to destroy cancerous cells and harmful pathogens with resonance waves.

I also suggest that you link your current sentence: "Is there a South African twist? Why, yes." to the following website: (This is the site of the South African Rife Association).

I have attached a picture of real Rife resonator as the one on your current picture is one of a discontinued brand.

Gerard (Gerrie) Smit

Following Gerard (Gerrie) Smit's advice, we went to the web sire There we were impressed by the answers supplied in advance in anticipation to Frequently Asked Questions. Here are a few highlights:

What is Rife Therapy?
Rife Therapy refers to the use of a Rife resonator as part of treating infections, cancer and neurological problems. A Rife resonator generates resonance waves that is transmitted either via plasma tubes or via handheld electrodes to the body. By creating a negative polarity, electromagnetic waves negate the reproductive ability of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the human body or destroy the pathogens outright.

Does Rife Therapy have any side effects?
Rife therapy have no side effects, but may create a Healing Crisis, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction....

Why do very few people know about Rife and this fantastic discovery?
The main reason is that Rife therapy could replace medicines. The moment that other medical researchers confirmed Dr Rife's claims, the pharmaceutical companies went out to debunk Rife therapy. The pharmaceutical industry kept Rife out of the medical journals. Since such journals depend on drug ads to survive, a threat to pull its ads and to sponsor another journal was all it took....

We thank Gerald (Gerrie) Smit for contributing to our knowledge of the Rife Resonator, and would be interested in hearing from other manufacturers or scholars of this remarkable device.

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