May We Recommend -- The Directional Boring Advantage


May We Recommend--
The Directional Boring Advantage

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by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Directional boring at last has its own video

Directional boring needs no introduction, but until now it has been badly in need of a feature film. There still is no feature film about directional boring, none at least that we know of, but a new video has appeared on the scene. Should there never be a feature film about directional boring, this video will stanch the yearning which was so evident among directional boring enthusiasts and researchers worldwide.:

Details? Glad you asked. Called "The Digital Boring Advantage," it is an award winning 7 minute video which, we are told, covers the basics of directional boring and graphically shows how the process works. The producer describes it as a "perfect educational tool."

What's best, perhaps, is that the video comes with a color pamphlet, a high resolution (3 Mg) printable copy of which you can download by clicking here.

If you see only one video about directional boring, we recommend it be this one.

(Thanks to John Bell for bringing this to our attention.)

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