MAY WE RECOMMEND -- Shopping on the Brain


Shopping on the Brain

Intelligence for those who want to buy anything

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

The logo of the BrightHouse Institute for Thought Sciences

In the marketplace of ideas, nothing is harder to obtain -- and nothing is more pricey -- than intelligence. For those who want to shop till they can stop thinking, we recommend the BrightHouse Institute for Thought Sciences. The Institute's motto is "Thought Sciences makes things better."

The Institute's initial press release is loaded with attractive details. Here is the beginning of that delight-laden document:

* * *


Company Uses Neuroimaging to Unlock the Consumer Mind

Atlanta, GA – June 3, 2002 – BrightHouse Institute for Thought Sciences emerged from stealth mode today and announced its intentions of revolutionizing the marketing industry. Thought Sciences bridges the gap between business and science and provides its clients with unprecedented insight into their consumers’ minds.  The company plans to change the marketing world by using modern neuroscience methods to observe and understand the true drivers of consumer behavior.  The Thought Sciences team uses functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), a safe and non-invasive technique, to observe patterns in brain activity that reveal how a person is processing and/or evaluating a product, object or advertisement....

* * *

Are there scientists behind this? Yes, indeed.

The Institute's web site boasts of the can't-miss research team of CLINTON D. KILTS, Ph.D. ("Dr. Kilts also holds the position of Assistant Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine and is the Vice-Chair for Research in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences program.") and JUSTINE R. MEAUX, Ph.D.("Dr. Meaux has worked with state of the art neuroimaging technology -- fMRI, EEG, MEG -- since 1994 and is an expert in managing and conducting research projects involving the measurement of human brain activity.)

So, should you buy what the Institute for Thought Sciences is selling? That's up to you -- and your brain!

(Thanks to the Ray Kurzweil for bringing this to our attention.)

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