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Procrastinate for the Holidays

Expertise is available

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Professor Conti

Why do people procrastinate for the holidays? A press release issued by Colgate University gives you an opportunity to wait to find out. Here is the text of that press release:

Procrastination and the Holidays
Colgate University psychology professor Regina Conti is available to discuss procrastination as it relates to holiday preparations -- why people wait until the last minute to buy gifts, send cards and prepare meals? Why do they agonize from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve and then madly rush into the stores? What is the motivation behind this behavior and what might be the cure?
Conti's research focuses on procrastination in a variety of contexts. She also studies motivation, creative task management, innovation and creativity and can address these topics as well as they relate to the holidays.
Regina Conti
Associate Professor of Psychology
Colgate University
Telephone: (315)228-7661
Fax: (315)228-7942

If you procrastinate for the holidays, we recommend that you get in touch with Professor Conti as soon as you can get around to doing so.

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