COMING EVENT -- The Anti-Money Conference


The Anti-Money Conference

The financial world yearns to adopt yet another physics concept

by Jamison Knuthrot, AIR staff


The big ACMS anti-money conference will happen on December 3, 2002.

Here is yet another event that looks worth attending -- the Anti-Money Laundering Conference on Tuesday, December 3, 2002. (Thanks to investigator Jonathan V. Snyder for bringing this to our attention.)

This swanky affair is being organized by the Associationof Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, who are understandably eager to teach an eager world about the two too-little-known concepts of anti-money and anti-money laundering.

This will be a cyberconference, so everyone and his brother is invited, providing only that everyone pay (brothers included), and that the payment not be in the form of anti-money.And there are, the conference organizers tell us, three ways to register for the seminar -- an indication that this will could be a triply-interesting occasion.

What, exactly, is anti-money? Yes, indeed.

What, exactly, is anti-money that has been laundered? This, too, is a fascinating question.

Some might think that anti-money is derived from the physics concept of anti-matter. Others might think otherwise. The real answer is: attend the conference (be sure to pay,or they will not let you in!) and see. We ourselves will be busy that day, much as we are on all other days, but we would be eager to hear a first-hand report from anyone who attends.

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