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The Rat & Mouse Gazette

Publications you'll not want to miss

by Alice Shirell Kaswell, AIR staff

One of the science world's favorite publications is also one of the least publicized.

The Rat & Mouse Gazette is published six times per year, by the Rat & Mouse Club of America. It is eminently readable by humans, edible by rodents, and enjoyable to both.

Ratten Fokkers

There may be a few people who are unfamiliar with Rat and Mouse clubs. Like the rodents they celebrate, these organizations are many and they are often active. The Finnish Fancy Rat Society, the Rattenclub e. V., the Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub, the Swedish Rat Society, the Club der Rattenfreunde Schweiz, the Australian Rodent Fanciers Society -- these are just a few of the many. While we have not seen publications from any of these groups, it is likely that many of them, too, produce delightfully informative, ratty publications.

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