HotAIR - RESEARCH QUESTION -- 40,000 Yogic Flyers Can't Be Wrong


40,000 Yogic Flyers Can't Be Wrong

The polite question is, of course, "What are they up to?"

by Peano Principal, AIR staff

Yogic flying enthusiast J. Hagelin

By popular demand, here is another look at the question of yogic flying for peace, first raised to public consciousness, if not yet to altitudes exceeding ten centimeters, by 1994 Ig Nobel Peace Prize winner and U.S. Presidential candidate John Hagelin. We raised the matter, admiringly, in the December 2001 issue of mini-AIR.

Here is what we said there, with some extra links added:

There is ambitious news -- about war and peace in Afghanistan -- from John Hagelin, winner of the 1994 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his experimental conclusion that 4,000 trained meditators caused an 18 percent decrease in violent crime in Washington, D.C.

Several weeks ago, Hagelin held a news conference in Washington D.C. in which he announced his desire to raise $1,000,000,000, the interest from which will fund a squad of 40,000 trained yogic flyers. "The 40,000 Yogic Flyers would act like a giant radio transmitter," thus constituting a "Vedic Defense Shield" for the prevention of war. Hagelin's collaborators include the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Indian Major General Kulwant Singh.

Further details can be gleaned from Hagelin's web site <>, including a video webcast of the press conference at <>

Hagelin ran for President of the United States in each of the last two elections. We are told that he was not elected.

Will the 40,000 yogic flyers rise up, up, and away to the destiny which all right thinking men and women cannot but hope they achieve? We at the Annals of Improbable Research wish them the very best.

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