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Our Favorite Pharmacistical/Medical/Scientifical Calendars

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by Peano Principal, AIR staff

The 2002 edition of the Uncle Stan's calendar

[This report was posted January 4, 2002]

There is perhaps no better way to begin a year than with a report about the latest adventures of 1998 Ig Nobel Prize-winner Troy Hurtubise. Having done that [see the January 2, 2002 HotAIR featured article], we now turn to an especially timely matter: calendars.

We at the Annals of Improbable Research have three favorite calendars.

One, the Studmuffins of Science Calendar, has not been minted in a new edition since 1998. Indeed, only two editions were ever produced (the Studmuffins calendar debuted with the1997 calendar year). Karen Hopkin, the calendar's creator, hints that a new version might appear some time early in this century. The science community is a-twitter with anticipation. In the meantime, some copies of the '98 and '99 Studmuffins calendars are available from Hopkin. On Friday evening, February 15, 2002, Karen Hopkin will make a public statement about the future of the Studmuffins of Science Calendar Proejcts, at the AIR session of the AAAS Annual Meeting, in Boston.

The 2002 edition of the Mutter Museum calendar

Another favorite is the Mutter Museum Calendar, which always features intensely grabbing photographs of curious items in the Mutter Museum's collection. The museum, in Philadelphia, is perhaps the world's greatest and most delightful repository of medical curiosities.Each year's calendar shows a delicious sampling from the display cases and secret basement vaults. The Mutter Museum Calendar is available from the Mutter Museum. For details see their web site at Sadly, the museum has announced that the 2002 calendar will be the final calendar they ever produce.

Our other favorite calendar has just arrived in its nineteenth consecutive annual incarnation. Uncle Stan's Profusely Illustrated World of Pharmacy Calendar is always a twelve-fold package of scientific, art and puzzle delights. Created and lovingly hand-drawn by Jim Middleton, the famous Animating Apothecary, the calendar is not only packed full of fascinating surprises, but also accurately represents each and every one of the days from January 1 through the year's end.We always have one on the wall here at AIR's editorial office. The Uncle Stan's Calendar is available for $8.50 plus $1.50 postage (in the US) from:

The Animating Apothecary
PO Box 1325
Battle Creek, MI 49016 USA
----- telephone: 616-963-4945 ----- email <> -----

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