HotAIR - IG NOBEL FOLLOW-UP -- The Return of Nick the Rogue Trader


The Return of Nick the Rogue Trader

Ig Winner Will Kick Up His Heels at Soccer Dinner

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Nick Leeson's autobiography is a crackling good read, say some who have read it.

[This report was posted January 28, 2002]

Thanks to the Leeds United Football Club, the public will get to hobnob with one of its favorite and most accomplished Ig Nobel Prize winners -- Nick Leeson, the man who brought down Barings Bank. To see, hear, and maybe even touch this inverse-billionaire, all you need do is pony up an admission fee.

Leeson is the winner of the 1995 Ig Nobel Prize in the field of Economics. His Ig citation reads:

Awarded jointly to Nick Leeson and his superiors at Barings Bank and to Robert Citron of Orange County, California, for using the calculus of derivatives to demonstrate that every financial institution has its limits.

Here is the press release that tells all:




Stadium Way Pavilion, Elland Road

Thursday 31st January 2002Accompanied by Crown Prosecutor Peter Joliffe Brown and our compere for the evening Barrister at Law of the Inner Temple - David Taylor. Don't miss your chance to hear the story in his own words of the collapse of the oldest bank in British history - Barings Bank. Barings was sold in 1995 for just £1 to the Dutch Banking and Insurance Company I.N.G due to the £800m losses Leeson accrued through an obscure account called 'Error Account 88888'. Debts that were amassed through Leeson's Rogue Trading.

To secure your place at this prestigious event call Julie direct on 0113 367 6217.Tickets are priced at only £65.00 plus vat per person and include the following benefits:

Bucks Fizz reception
Superb guest speakers
4 Course Banquet
Question and answer session

If you are interested in attending, please call us on either:

0113 3676217
0113 3676541


We at the Annals of Improbable Research eagerly await news of Nick Leeson's next adventure, be it on the telephone, in the trading pit, or on the dinner circuit.

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