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Fathom the Ideas?

An engineer asks a key question

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Bill Clark

WE RECEIVED A PROVOCATIVE LETTER from an engineer named Bill Clark. Engineer Clark delivered news of such magnitude that we feel a duty to present it to you raw. It concludes with a question that begs your consideration.

The Letter

Here is Bill Clark's letter in its entirety (the key question is in boldface lettering in the final paragraph):

A few years ago there was a New York Times bestseller that "proved" science was at an end. No progress would be made until the Holy Grail of physics, the Unified Field Theory, was found - and THAT, the author said, was tens of thousands of years in the future. Scientists proclaimed this a halmark [sic] work.

This is my rebuttal. I derive a conceptual version of the UFT from some basic principles of Celestial Mechanics, showing that it is a line in the classical Three Body Problem. I then show that this line is a tiny part of a whole three dimensional surface, which is far, far beyond the UFT. Modern science is literally a point on this surface, infinitesmally small.

Please take a moment to explore the documents on my web site. The ideas are not too hard to fathom.


Bill Clark

The Question

Are the ideas too hard to fathom? This is a bold question, which invites -- nay, demands -- a bold answer.

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