HotAIR - The Theory of Dynamic Meetings


The Theory of Dynamic Meetings

Science for Valentine's Day

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC MEETINGS is new, and therefore it must be important, say those who believe that when a theory is new it must be important.

The theory is quite elaborately detailed. But you will find it easier to understand when you see it in action. Here is simplified description from the inventors:

- Have you already enjoyed a meal with more than 10 friends at the same table?
- Maybe your communications were limited to the people sitting near you, while you would have liked to speak also with ohter friends sitting far from you.

DYNAMIC MEETINGS solves the problem, allowing you to speak with all your friends during the dinner !

Be that as it may, we suggest you watch a enlightening video of a dynamic meeting. You can find it at <>

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