HotAIR - Recommending Alex Chiu


Recommending Alex Chiu

A scientist for the ages

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

The inventor

WE HAVE RECEIVED well over two letters recommending that we recommend Alex Chiu.

Who is Alex Chiu? The letters inform us that he is the inventor of a "NEW  INVENTION  THAT ALLOWS  HUMANS  TO  LIVE   FOREVER."

Does such an invention exist, and if so, does it work? We can but graciously accept the word of Alex Chiu, the inventor, who says:

Please believe me. Everything you read is true and is important. Now people do not have to age anymore.

Alex Chiu has a web site at, which the letters we received recommend that we recommend you visit. If you do visit that web site, you will find a nicely ambigous headline: "Many people have scorned and laughed at the persons below.   But one day, they were all proven to be correct." You will also find the following explanation:

Once a while, some nice hearted people will spend some money and buy the devices from me.  I don't need so much money.  All I need is enough money to pay for rent and food.  I believe that the Immortality Device is the most important invention in human history.  But now, so many people are laughing at it.  This invention is so incredible, it makes people laugh.  But this invention is so important to me.  So I am teaching everyone how to build the device.  I am also giving the devices out for free.  I think it's very important to educate people about this new invention.  I don't want this invention to be forgotten because this invention is the most important invention in human history.  I must educate everyone and make sure everyone knows how important this invention is.

Do we recommend that you recommend recommending people visit Alex Chiu's web site?

That's a complicated question. The anwer is a qualified "yes." We plan to try out Alex Chiu's immortality machine. If it works even to a small extent -- for our purposes let's say 500 years -- then we will at that time (500 years from now) wholeheartedly recommend that you recommend recommending people visit Alex Chiu's web site. After all, this could be the greatest invention in history!

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