Stimulating Stimulating Research


Stimulating Stimulating Research

Research that merits your attention

compiled by B. Vanatian, AIR staff

Here are three stimulating reports about stimulating research. (Thanks to Dany Adams for bringing them to our attention.)

A Chick's Remarkable Achievement

"Intracranial Self-Stimulation in the Chick," R.J. Andrew, Nature, vol. 213, no. 78, February 25, 1967, pp. 847-8.

Busyness to an Extreme

"Extraordinary Experiences During Cross-Modal Perception," K. Holt-Hansen, Perceptual and Motor Skills, vol. 43, no. 3, part 2, December 1976, pp. 1023-7. The author explains this rather complex experiment:

9 Ss were requested to perceive simultaneously the taste of beer and a rhythmic sound, the pitch of which could be varied. The frequencies at which Ss experienced harmony between the taste and the sound were determined. At the pitch of harmony Ss reported characteristic experiences, e.g., optimum taste of the beer, rhythmic sensations in the head, and tickling sensations in the jaws and the mouth. 3 Ss also reported experiences resembling those described by persons under the influence of such drugs as mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, and cannabis.

Good Things Come to Those Who Are Self-Stimulating

"Peripheral Self-Stimulation as a Reward," H.J. Campbell, Nature, vol. 217, no. 136, April 6, 1968, pp. 104-5.


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