BODY OF WORK - P. Brugger (Part 2 of 2)


P. Brugger (part 2 of 2)

Spotlighting scientists whose work may be under-publicized

compiled by A.S. Kaswell, AIR staff

This month’s under-publicized scientist is Dr. Peter Brugger of University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland. Here are a few more of Dr. Brugger’s most intriguing research reports. We urge you to get and savor copies of the full reports

The Ambiguity of Duck/Rabbit

One Hundred Years of an Ambiguous Figure: Happy Birthday, Duck/Rabbit!” P. Brugger, Perceptual and Motor Skills, vol. 89, 1999, pp. 973-77..

Cool Memories

“Spatial and Verbal Memory Improvement by Cold-Water Caloric Stimulation in Healthy Subjects,” D. Bächtold, P. Brugger, et al., Experimental Brain Research, vol. 136, 2001, pp. 128-32.

Remembrance or Forgetfulness

“Do Sperm Cells Remember? Short Communication,” P. Brugger, E. Macas, and J. Ihlemann, Behavioural Brain Research, vol. 136, 2002, pp. 325-8.

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