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Lightning on Demand

Bright new ideas

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

A 40,000 watt tesla coil.

Many people offer to produce lightning on demand, but very few deliver. An organization called Lightning on Demand, based at ground level in Brisbane, California, strives to be one of the latter. Their statement of intent says that:

The principal goal of Lightning On Demand is to design, construct and operate a proposed large-scale experimental platform known as the Advanced Lightning Facility. This facility will consist of two 12-story resonant transformer structures, capable of generating 300ft lightning discharges continuously through open air -- and deliver current intensities similiar to those of natural terrestrial strikes.

Many people offer to predict lightning, some like to fear it, others try simply to understand, and still others simply prefer the home brew version.

(Thanks to Peter Melvoin for bringing this to our attention.)

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