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Zwaadermaker Conjugates

A stupefying concept

by Nan Swift, AIR staff

A Zwaardemaker device, which some say is related to Zwaadermaker Conjugates

We have just been made aware of the existence of Zwaadermaker Conjugates. It is said to be the coming thing.

What are Zwaadermaker Conjugates? The leading authority on the subject is Ron Blue, the famed author of "Correlational Opponent Processing: A Unifying Principle" (published in The Noetic Journal, November, 1998). Here is his latest take on the subject:

I propose that Zwaadermaker Conjugates can demonstrate that physics and oscillator mathematical models can explain the "lack" of a conscious experience when there should have been one and thereby suggesting new approaches to understanding conscious experience. 

Zwaadermaker conjugates are chemical when presented individually can be recognized by their smell.  When the conjugates are presented together they cancel each other out or almost cancel each other out.  This process may be interpret to support a wavelet model, a correlational opponent processing model, a physical model of interference cancellation, and a oscillator model of the brain.

Below are listed some Zwaadermaker Conjugates:

beeswax and balsam of tolu
benzoin and rubber
bitter almond and musk
butyric acid and oil of juniper
camphor and eau de cologne
ethyl mercaptan and eucalaptol
ethyl mercaptan and caproic acid
ionone and ammonia
rubber and cedarwood
skatole and cedarwood
vanilla and chlorine

We heartily recommend a close study of the principles and correlates of Zwaadermaker Conjugates, and would be interested to hear indirectly from anyone who, like Ron Blue, has been at work in the field for thirty years or more.

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