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Adventures in Adult Education - Making Pizzas & Orgasms

Courses that broaden your horizons

by Drogan Hepplewhite, AIR staff

Students enjoying the courses

Adult education offers opportunities to learn about all sorts of stimulating subjects. Here are two unusual offerings from the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, in Cambridge Massachusetts. (Thanks to investigator Verena Wieloch for bringing them to our attention.)

Pizza With Fresh Ingredients

The first of these offerings is a variation of the basic adult education cooking class:

Making Pizza with Kids

This class welcomes grandmothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, mothers and neighbors each to bring a special child along for a morning together making this delectable dish.

We’ll consume our pizzas for lunch, and everyone will take something home. Limited to 7 pairs. (Children over 5)

"Sec. 01: 1 Saturday, 10:00 am-1:00 pm. May. 18, 42 Brattle St. | $43 per pair "
Term: SPRING TERM Code: MYOP Section: 1
Starts on: May 18, 2002 Ends on: May 18, 2002
Instructor: Anna Tommasi Nathanson

Price: $43.00
Status: This course is Open

We at AIR cannot recommend this variety of pizza, in that we have not tried it ourselves. But we would be interested to hear from anyone who has consumed it.

Making Orgasms

The other class offers fun and facts for all:

Adventures in Female Orgasm

"Female orgasms seem to be everywhere–on the covers of women's magazines, in movies and on TV, and studied by scientists in research journals. Yet people rarely talk about orgasms. Some women haven’t had an orgasm. Others feel pressure to orgasm faster, to have multiple orgasms, to orgasm with a partner, to fake or not fake orgasms. This workshop will be a space to learn about women’s orgasms, talk about sex, and hear others’ experiences. People of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome. Limited to 30."

"Sec. 01: 1 Wednesday, 8:00-10:00 pm. May. 8, 56 Brattle St. | $33 "
Term: SPRING TERM Code: ADOR Section: 1
Starts on: May 08, 2002 Ends on: May 08, 2002
Instructor: "Marshall Miller, Dorian Solot"

Price: $33.00
Status: This course has been cancelled

Although the orgasms class is listed as being a non-starter, it is possible that enough would-be students expressing interest could persuade the administration to change its mind and again offer the course. The Cambridge Center for Adult Education can be reached by telephone at (617)-547-6789 or via the web at

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