HotAIR - MAY WE RECOMMEND -- Watch What You Eat


Watch What You Eat

items worth a trip to the library

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

For readers who occasionally eat food, we present here three research report citations of possible interest.

Raw, Alliterative Ailment

"Horseradish Horrors: Sushi Syncope," D.E. Spitzer, Journal of the American Medical Association, January 8, 1988, vol. 259, no. 2, pp. 218-9. (Thanks to Miriam E. Tucker for bringing this to our attention.)

Flow From the Peach

"Pharmacological Basis for the Use of Peach Leaves in Constipation," A. H. Gilani, N. Aziz, S. M. Ali, and M. Saeed, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol. 73, nos. 1-2, 2000, pp. 87-93. (Thanks to Derek Van Meurs for bringing this to our attention.)

Anise for Men

"Reduction of Serum Testosterone in Men by Licorice," Decio Armanini and Mario Palermo, New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 341, no. 15, October 7, 1999, p. 1158. (Thanks to Barbara Bergman for bringing this to our attention.)

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