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Provocative Perspectives on Healing

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by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

Medical research is in many cases concerned with healing. Here are some projects that have received too little attention.

Banana vs. Doughnut, Chapter 86

"Wavefront Healing: a Banana\Doughnut Perspective," S.H. Hung, F.A. Dahlen, and Guust Nolet, Geophysical Journal International, vol. 146, no. 2, August 2001, pp. 289-312. (Thanks to Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.) The authors explain that:

a 3-D banana-doughnut Fréchet kernel does account for wavefront healing because it is cored by a tubular region of negligible traveltime sensitivity along the source–receiver geometrical ray.

In The Matter of Snodgrass

"Mechanism of Healing Following the Snodgrass Repair," C.B. Bleustein, et al., Journal of Urology, vol. 165, no. 1, January 2001, pp. 277-9.

Error Field Healing

"Observation of the "Self-Healing" of an Error Field Island in the Large Helical Device," K. Narihara, et al., Physical Review Letters, vol. 87, no. 13, September 2001, p. 135002.

Mystery Blood

"Studies of Blood Stains on Clothing of Patients Who Underwent Faith Healing (psychic or medial surgery)" [article in German], J. Henke and I. Flach, Beitrage Zur gerichtlichen Medizin, vol. 41, 1983, pp. 431-3

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