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Time Cube

Spotlighting scientific events that may be under-publicized

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Surprisingly few scientists are aware of the concept of "Time Cube." Gene Ray, the discoverer and best explicator of Time Cube, has announced that he will be appearing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on January 30, 2002 from 3 to 5 pm, in room 10-250.

What will happen at this event? Here is how Gene Ray himself describes it:

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invited me as a guest lecturer to inform
them about Nature's Time Cube, in January.

Who is Gene Ray? Here is how Gene Ray describes himself:

I am a 'Cubic Thinker' and far wiser than any god, any scientist and any educator who preaches the evil singularity of a single 1st corner.

What is Time Cube? Few people are knowledgable enough to describe it. Here is how Gene Ray himself describes it:

Earth has 4 simultaneous Days within only 1 rotation. Losing 3 Days in each Earth rotation has retarded your mentality to stupid and an education of Evil. You do not have the mind or education to envision Nature's Time Cube.

So powerful, so all-encompassing is the concept of Time Cube that it even has its own web site, located on the World Wide Web. The site is at

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