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Leech Mobile Home

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by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Readers have asked us which type of mobile home is best for leeches. We recommend the Leech Mobile Home® and the MINI Leech Mobile Home®, made by Leeches USA, Ltd.

These are a clear choice over all the other mobile homes we evaluated. The quality is good, the prices are right, and these best of all leech mobile homes are available even if you need them in a hurry.

Proper useage is important, of course. One should not be shy about seeking advice on the subject. And please, please heed the mobile home manufacturer's advice: DO NOT ORDER LEECHES VIA E-MAIL." When you order leeches, get them from a reputable source.

These days, leeches are in. They are cool. They are hip. They are with it. Some date the leech popularity boom to 1996, when Anders Barheim and Hogne Sandvik of the University of Bergen, won the Ig Nobel biology prize for their tasty and tasteful report, "Effect of Ale, Garlic, and Soured Cream on the Appetite of Leeches." [Published in "The British Medical Journal," vol. 309, Dec 24-31, 1994, p. 1689.]

(Thanks to Julie Thorson and Sally Shelton for bringing this to our attention.)

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