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Spaghetti Innovations

The quest for a better strand

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

Spaghetti is not universally considered to be a good subject for intensive scientific research. This is a pity. Here is an example of exciting new research in this too-neglected field.

Investigator Mike Adams brought to our attention a wire service report that contains big news about spaghetti

TOKYO (Reuters) - Two Japanese companies have jointly developed what they say is the world's fastest thawing frozen spaghetti. The new noodle promises to thaw in eight seconds once dipped in boiling water, lightspeed compared to the 30 seconds it takes typical spaghetti to do the same....
"Spaghetti innovations are rare," said a spokesman for the UCC Ueshima affiliate [the other firm is affiliated with Mitsubishi Corporation.].

A Plea

Spaghetti innovations are indeed rare. If you know of a truly notable recent advance in the field, please send us pertinent information .

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