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How Valuable Was Albert Einstein?

Yet another baffling science question for our time

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

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How valuable was Albert Einstein?

If you are a scientist, you may have asked yourself, perhaps a thousand times or more: how valuable, really, was Albert Einstein? If you want to know the answer, we can tell you who to ask.


How valuable was Albert Einstein? Before delving into that matter, we should ask a different question.

QUESTION: Who was Albert Einstein?
ANSWER: Albert Einstein was a scientist (1879-1955).

That having been established, let us now consider the question of the day.

How Valuable was Albert Einstein?

How valuable was Albert Einstein? This now familiar question can probably best be answered -- indeed, perhaps it can ONLY be answered -- by Roger Richman.

Who is Roger Richman? The simple answer is that Mr. Richman founded The Roger Richman Agency, Inc. in 1978. The Roger Richman Agency, Inc., has helpfully composed a web site explaining how valuable Albert Einstein is. The web site is at

The web site explains that:

Because Albert Einstein is one of the most recognized and respected people of all time, his likeness and persona continue to be highly valued by companies and institutions around the world to help advertise and promote their products and services.

Along with promotions and advertising, the likeness of Albert Einstein is highly prized for use on relevant merchandise.

How Valuable was Albert Einstein?

The web site also provises a partial list of clients of the Roger Richman Agency.

Given all the above information, it should be possible for any aspiring math student to calculate how valuable Albert Einstein was. Thus we leave the final calculation as an exercise for the interested reader.

(Thanks to Mark Dionne for bringing this to our attention.)

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