HotAIR - COMING EVENTS -- MEMORABLE RECALL -- Garlic-Flavored Pig Ears


Garlic-Flavored Pig Ears

Items you'll recall, as Proust did the taste of a crumb of madeleine...

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

There are things in this world that are marvelous to recall. We present here another selection, courtesy of the US Food and Drug Administration.

This recall only affects the following specialty dog chew items:

ROLLOVER Brand Garlic Flavoured Pig Ears (4 pack) UPC 6076688023
ROLLOVER Brand Cheese Flavoured Pig Ears (4 pack) UPC 6076688022
ROLLOVER Brand 5" Chews (4 pack) UPC 6076688005
ROLLOVER Brand Lambie Chunks (1.7oz) UPC 6076688102
ROLLOVER Brand Dog Chew Hooves Smoked or Plain (sold in bulk)

(Thanks to Earle Spamer and and David Hewitt for bringing this to our attention.)

This is a HotAIR exclusive feature item. For a list of other HotAIR featured items, see What's New.