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Alcohol, Cigarettes and Coffee

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by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

Here is another research report that can be expected to shake the very foundations of medical thought:

"Joint heavy use of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee and the risk of suicide," A. Tanskanen, J. Tuomilehto, H. Viinamaki, E. Vartiainen, J. Lehtonen, and P. Puska, Addiction, volume 95, no. 11, November 2000, pp. 1699-704. The authors, who are at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Kuopio, Finland, explain their research:

AIMS: To estimate the relationship between joint heavy use of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, and the risk of suicide in a general population with high rate of suicide.

CONCLUSIONS: Clustering of the heavy use of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee could serve as a new marker for increased risk of suicide.

(Thanks to Philipa Jaglon for bringing this to our attention.)

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