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The Extra Special Theory of Relativity

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by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

In his celebrated Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein explained some mysteries about time. Now comes Moshe Carmeli of Ben Gurion University, to explain another, old-timey mystery.

Carmeli published his discovery as a physics preprint. You can find the entire work at <> Here is the very beginning of the report:

The First Six Days of the Universe

Moshe Carmeli
Department of Physics, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva 84105, Israel
Email: <>

The early stage of the Universe is discussed and the time lengths
of its first six days, as well as its age, are given. There seems to be no
contradiction with the Bible's ascertain that the Universe was created
in six days.

The mathematics are intriguing, as well as detailed. Professor Carmeli proves the thesis to his satisfaction. The world will, no doubt, take note and send him a nice cake or something.

(Thanks to Fredric Schreiber and other investigators for bringing this to our attention.)

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