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Unpacking the Ethical Product

Items that merit a visit to the library

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Perhaps the most difficult field of research today is that of Business Ethics research. In difficulty, and perhaps in prestige, the field is to twenty-first century academia what physics was to twentieth century academia.

There is a new Business Ethics research report, issued from Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, that merits your attention. It is subtle but satisfying. Here is the citation:

"Unpacking the Ethical Product"
Andrew Crane
Journal of Business Ethics

vol. 30, no 4, April 2001, pp. 361-73.
KEYWORDS: ethical augmentation, ethical branding, ethical consumption, ethical product, marketing, product concepts

Note that the author has carefully specified the keywords with which this article is to be classified.

Key Recommendation

Look closely at those keywords. They are quite special.

Professor Crane's keywords are as close to poetry as anything in the field of Business Ethics research gets. Perhaps closer. We recommend that you savor these words as well as study them. We further recommend that you speak them aloud. We ourselves now recite these words whenever we enter a room. You ought, perhaps, to do the same. They brighten any meeting. They leaven any discussion with joy. They stimulate the digestion.

Key Question

Best of all, Professor Crane's report raises unlocks some key questions. These are:

(1) What is the Ethical Product?"; and
(2) How should one unpack it?

These are important questions. Professor Crane is to be congratulated for bringing them to the attention of scholars everwhere. We all owe him a debt of thanks.

(Thanks to T. Charlese Foley for bringing this to our attention.)

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