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SCIENTISTS NOW KNOW: Credit Cards and Health

Startling discoveries by social scientists, as announced in press releases issued by them and their proud institutions

compiled by Regis Schoolcraft, AIR staff


The full press release is available on line at Here are excerpts:

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- High levels of credit card debt and debt stress may be bad for a person's health, a new study suggests....

Researchers at Ohio State University found that people who reported higher levels of stress about their debt showed higher levels of physical impairment and also reported worse health than those with lower levels of debt.

In addition, people with a higher proportion of their income tied up in credit card debt also showed higher levels of physical impairment.

The study was based on two separate telephone surveys involving a total of 1,036 Ohioans.

"Any one of us who has debt knows that it can cause stress in our lives, and it makes sense that this stress may be bad for our health," said Prof. Paul J. Lavrakas, co-author of the study and director of 'Ohio State's Center for Survey Research....

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(NOTE: This echoes the more limited finding that financial stress may be a leading risk indicator for periodontal disease. That discovery won the 1996 Ig Nobel Prize in Dentistry for Robert Genco.)


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