The Magic of Mpingo

Intriguing, as yet not understood, discoveries

by Delilah Foss, AIR staff

Throughout history, breakthrough technologies have seemed mysterious, and even spooky, in their first appearance. Few are spookier and more mysterious than the magic of Mpingo, as discovered and elucidated by Dr. Yu-Wah Tan, Bill Ying and Andy Chow, the men of Shun Mook.

Their invention consists of disks made of mpingo wood. The disks are meant to be placed atop the preamplifier and other electronic components. These disks are of several types: Mpingo Discs, Ultra Diamond Resonator, Giant Diamond Resonators, and Super Giant Diamond Resonators.

There are also Mini-Valve Resonators, tiny Mpingo disks that are mounted atop miniature electron tubes for reasons that I was not able to understand. I was also not able to understand why the larger Mpingo disks are placed atop preamps, DA cconverters, and turntables. Thus I conclude that Shun Mook Mpingo disks are indeed mysterious and spooky, and that therefore they are a breakthrough technology.

Of course there is nothing magic here. The inventors (the aforementioned Dr. Yu-Wah Tan, Bill Ying and Andy Chow, the men of Shun Mook), whose names will one day be known to every school child, are quick to point this out. In their words:

There is no real magic about our products. They are all based on simple high school physics - "Sympathetic Resonance". As all elements in this universe will resonate when like pattern energy is generated from another material.

Perhaps some day a new Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, or Harold Dowd (with a "w," not a "u") will develop a full scientific explanation of how Shun Mook Mpingo disks work. Until then, we can but wonder at the magic of Mpingo.

(Thanks to investigator Roy Auerbach for bringing the magic of Mpingo to our attention.)

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