HotAIR - AIR Editorial -- Should Plastic Surgeons Commit Murder?


Should Plastic Surgeons Commit Murder?

Subtle lessons teased from the daily newspapers

by Alice Shirell Kaswell, AIR staff

Recently, several dermatologists or plastic surgeons have been charged with murder. One of these individuals, Dr. Richard Sharpe, was even a slight acquaintance of the AIR editorial staff.

The July 20, 2000 issue of the Boston Globe contains an incisive article about the phenomenon of plastic surgeons who turn to violence. The article presents a lesson that all of us can take to heart, or take to our plastic surgeons and ask them to take to heart. Here is that lesson, delivered as the concluding line of the following passage:

Noting that Sharpe had several businesses built around cosmetic surgery such as liposuction and that Kartell was a plastic surgeon, area plastic surgeons said they are under particular pressure because they work on people's faces.

''It's very much like an entertainer who is on stage,'' said Dr. Joel Feldman, a private-practice plastic surgeon in Cambridge. ''There is the sense that your work is all out there for people to see.''

Of course, he added, that is no reason to kill.

We agree with Dr. Feldman. However, we would enjoy hearing from anyone who holds other views.


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