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Multiple Multiplicity

Items that merit a trip to the library

compiled by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

"The Genome Sequence of the Plant Pathogen Xylella fastidiosa," A. J. G. Simpson, F.C. Reinach, P. Arruda, F. A. Abreu, M. Acencio, R. Alvarenga, L. M. C. Alves, J. E. Araya, G. S. Baia, C. S. Baptista, M. H. Barros, E. D. Bonaccorsi, S. Bordin, J. M. Bovˇ, M. R. S. Briones, M. R. P. Bueno, A. A. Camargo, L. E. A. Camargo, D. M. Carraro, H. Carrer, N. B. Colauto, C. Colombo, F. F. Costa, M. C. R. Costa, C. M. Costa-Neto, L. L. Coutinho, M. Cristofani, E. Dias-Neto, C. Docena, H. El-Dorry, A. P. Facincani, A. J. S. Ferreira, V. C. A. Ferreira, J. A. Ferro, J. S. Fraga, S. C. Fran¨a, M. C. Franco, M. Frohme, L. R. Furlan, M. Garnier, G. H. Goldman, M. H. S. Goldman, S. L. Gomes, A. Gruber, P. L. Ho, J. D. Hoheisel, M. L. Junqueira, E. L. Kemper, J. P. Kitajima, J. E. Krieger, E. E. Kuramae, F. Laigret, M. R. Lambais, L. C. C. Leite, E. G. M. Lemos, M. V. F. Lemos, S. A. Lopes, C. R. Lopes, J. A. Machado, M. A. Machado, A. M. B. N. Madeira, H. M. F. Madeira, C. L. Marino, M. V. Marques, E. A. L. Martins, E. M. F. Martins, A. Y. Matsukuma, C. F. M. Menck, E. C. Miracca, C. Y. Miyaki, C. B. Monteiro-Vitorello, D. H. Moon, M. A. Nagai, A. L. T. O. Nascimento, L. E. S. Netto, A. Nhani, F. G. Nobrega, L. R. Nunes, M. A. Oliveira, M. C. De Oliveira, R. C. De Oliveira, D. A. Palmieri, A. Paris, B. R. Peixoto, G. A. G. Pereira, H. A. Pereira, J. B. Pesquero, R. B. Quaggio, P. G. Roberto, V. Rodrigues, A. J. De M. Rosa, V. E. De Rosa, R. G. De S‡, R. V. Santelli, H. E. Sawasaki, A. C. R. Da Silva, A. M. Da Silva, F. R. Da Silva, W. A. Silva, J. F. Da Silveira, M. L. Z. Silvestri, W. J. Siqueira, A. A. De Souza, A. P. De Souza, M. F. Terenzi, D. Truffi, S. M. Tsai, M. H. Tsuhako, H. Vallada, M. A. Van Sluys, S. Verjovski-Almeida, A. L. Vettore, M. A. Zago, M. Zatz, J. Meidanis & J. C. Setubal, Nature, vol. 406, no. 6792, July 13, 2000.

(Thanks to investigators Angela Close and Jim Law for bringing this to our attention.)

Multiplicity of Author Multiplicity

The paper is a notable addition to AIR's ongoing Multiplicity of Authors Project. The project chronicles research reports in which two or more co-authors share a family name. (See various issues of mini-AIR for other relics from the project.)

Investigator Close provides a detailed analysis:

I make it two Camargos, two Costas and a Costa-Neto (and a Dias-Neto), two Ferreiras, two Goldmans, two Lemos, two Lopes, two Machados, two Madeiras, two Martins, an Oliveira and two de Oliveiras, two Pereiras, a Rosa and a de Rosa, three da Silvas and a Silva, and two de Souzas.

Of equal importance, almost all of the authors are listed in scrupulously alphabetical order. Simpson, Reinach and Arruda are listed first, presumably because they did most of the work (or got the grants). Meidanis and Setubal are conspicuously listed at the very end and enquiring minds would like to know why. Given so many authors, this position is unlikely to result from the small size of their contributions. (I mean, how many really were signficant contributors? OK, three: Simpson, Reinach and Arruda.) I suspect, instead, that this may be a deliberate affront to reflect their discontributions: these are probably the two people who erased the genome sequence when it was first completed in 1994.

Doubtless this will serve as an inspiration to other authors who are contemplating multiple multiplicity. If you happen upon outstanding examples, please send the citations to <>.

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