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The 7 Deadly Sins Project

A new project to elucidate mankind's delicate balance

by Stephen Drew, AIR staff

The following is an official Annals of Improbable Research notice. We hereby announce The 7 Deadly Sins Project.

We are compiling scientific data to elucidate each of the classical seven deadly sins.

We are especially interested in studies that indicate either (a) inverse relationships or (b) non-inverse relationships between pertinent variables.

An Example: Greed

Here is an example, described in a press release issued by the scientists who performed a study pertaining to avarice.

New York City stockbrokers pulling down the biggest paychecks were also those suffering higher levels of depression, burnout and other afflictions, in a study of 26 Wall Street account executives.

"In essence, these...brokers appear to be paying for financial success with their mental health and quality of life," report researchers Alden M. Cass, John Lewis and Ed Simco of the Center for Psychological Studies at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Their paper, "Casualties of Wall Street: An Assessment of the Walking Wounded," will be presented at the American Psychological Association Convention held in Washington, DC August 4-8.

FOR REFERENCE: A Taxonomy of Sins

Here is a list of the classical seven deadly sins:








Send Us Your Data

We invite you to contribute to The 7 Deadly Sins Project.

If you know of any published scientific report pertaining or applicable directly to one of these sins, please send the COMPLETE CITATION to <>.

The preceeding has been, or may have been, an official Annals of Improbable Research notice.

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