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You can use any of these platforms to support Improbable Research and The Ig® Nobel Prize.  Thank you!

Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston

Why now?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we funded the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony almost entirely from ticket revenues. Because of the pandemic, this year (as in 2020 and 2021) there are no theater tickets, so no theater ticket revenues. We need your help to fund what we do!

What is Improbable Research?

We write about research that makes people LAUGH, then THINK. Led by editor Marc Abrahams, we produce the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, the magazine Annals of Improbable Research, the Improbable Research podcast, the Improbable Blog, lots of live events internationally, books, and eversomuchmore. Please join us in all this!

One-Time or Monthly?

You can make a one-time gift with  PayPal  or the  Arts & Business Council.
You can make a monthly gift with  Patreon  or the  Arts & Business Council.

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