Video of the 2005 Ig® Nobel Prize Ceremony

Missed the 2005 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony? Don't worry: You can watch the entire ceremony from the comfort of your browser. (Use the controls to skip around, if you like. The awarding of the prizes begins a little more than 1/3 of the way in.)

What You'll Need

The video is available in two formats: QuickTime and Flash Video. Here's what you'll need:

QuickTime Flash Video
You will need QuickTime 7 or newer, available free from Apple.
  • Windows users can download the latest QuickTime from Apple.
  • Mac users should already have QuickTime. To upgrade to the latest version use Software Update (in System Preferences) or download it from Apple.
You will need the Flash Player v7 or newer. Many computer already have this, and it is available free from Adobe.

Watch The Video

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[This format is no longer available.]
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QuickTime Flash Video

If your browser has problems with the link you can start the webcast manually.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime.
  • Open QuickTime Player.
    • Windows users will find it somewhere in Start > Programs.
    • Mac users will find it in Applications (click on the desktop and then look in the Go menu).
  • Select Open URL... from the File menu.
  • Paste in the following link and click OK:
Make sure you have the latest Flash Player. You might also try another browser.

Thanks to generous support from the Harvard Extension School, Real Networks, and Apple. Special thanks to Bruce and Julian Petschek (et al.!) for shooting the video, to Richard Pauli of Real Networks for applying the Pauli Inclusion Principle, and to Mateja Miljacki of Apple for getting us up and running with the QuickTime webcast.And very, very special thanks to Dave Feldman for engineering and coordinating the broadcast.