Live Webcast - 2004 Ig Nobel Ceremony

The 2004 Ig™® Nobel Prize Ceremony

Watch (recorded video of) the entire Ig Nobel 2004 webcast. Choose high resolution, medium resolution, or low resolution.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: If you have RealPlayer installed on your computer, and a fairly fast (DSL or cable) Internet connection, you should be all set to watch the ceremony.

If you do NOT have RealPlayer, download it free:

(The recording begins with about three minutes of the pre-ceremony piano concert by Maria Eliseeva. The actual awarding of the Prizes begins at about the 35-minute mark).

The entire ceremony is slightly more than 90 minutes in duration.

(You can use the RealPlayer controls to skip around to different parts of the recording, if you are so inclined.)

The ceremony was webcast live thanks to generous support from the Harvard Extension School and from Special Thanks to Bruce and Julian Petschek (et al.!) for shooting and then editing the video, to Dave Feldman for heroically and robustly engineering it, and to Richard Pauli of for applying the Pauli Inclusion Principle.