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Website Technical Question

Keira L. Rice, Improbable Webmaster
<keira AT>


Magazine Subscription Questions

Email: <subscriptions AT>


Speakers Bureau

To arrange for Marc Abrahams or another Improbable person to speak at your event:

Email: <MARC aaattt IMPROBABLE dddooottt COM>


Editorial, Ig Nobel, & Other questions

(In case you want or need them, here are our submission guidelines and guidelines for Ig Nobel nominations.)

Marc Abrahams, Editor
<MARC aaattt IMPROBABLE dddooottt COM>
Mailing address: Improbable Research, 44-C Sacramento Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

David Kessler, General Manager
<david AT>
Seattle, WA, USA

Kees Moeliker, European Bureau Chief
<kees.moeliker AT>
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone: (+31) 6 53778445

Steve Farrar, Edinburgh Desk Chief
Edinburgh, Scotland

Magnus Wahlberg, Scandinavian Desk Chief
<Magnus AT>
Odense, Denmark

Dariusz Jemielniak, Warsaw Desk Chief
<darekj AT>
Warsaw, Poland

Martin Gardiner, Rio de Janeiro Desk Chief
<Martin.G AT>
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reto Schneider, Swiss Desk Chief
<r.schneider AT>
Zurich Swizerland


Info for the Press


Questions: Get in touch with one of the editors.

Access to the magazine content: The magazine is a steady supply of surprising stories that people can “get” easily. If you would like a copy of any particular issue, or if we can be helpful in any way, please get in touch with the editor.

Covering the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony (at Harvard University, except when prevented by COVID-19 pandemic): Demand for tickets far exceeds the seating capacity and only a limited number of press passes are available. To apply for one, please contact us. (If you are not able to attend the ceremony in person, you can watch the live webcast.)

Basic info about winners:


Covering the Ig Informal Lectures (at MIT, except when prevented by COVID-19 pandemic): The Ig Informal Lectures happen two days after the ceremony. Unlike the ceremony, seating is free, first come, first serve. No press passes are needed (nor do they exist) — if you would like to cover the lectures, simply arrive early enough to get a seat, or get in touch with us and we will reserve one for you.

The Improbable Research / Ig Nobel Press List: We send out only a few press releases every year. The most important gives basic information about the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony (date, etc.). Following the ceremony, we send out a press release with detailed info about the new winners. If you would like to receive these press releases, please contact us.

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