Best of the bad

Ben Goldacre of The Guardian has just announced this year’s crop of Bad Science Award winners. One of our favorites is Dr. Ali ("Britain’s top integrated health expert") of Harley Street, whose eminence and apparent lack of an MD degree have been remarked upon by admirers and passers-by. (Thanks to Linda Rosa for bringing this […]

New Judgment for Homeopathic Medicines

Are homeopathic medicines truly medicines? Officially, um, yes. Now they are. So says the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. In a ruling published on October 27, 2004, the Bureau did a flip-flop, reversing its previous opinion. Prior to October 27, the Bureau said that homeopathic medicines are, more or less, foods. But henceforth, […]

Elected, Algorithmically

The recent U.S. Presidential election is — indisputably — characterized by heavy-handed mathematical manipulation. Agorithmically speaking, the result was all too predictable. Investigator (and algorithm co-devisor) Eric Schulman, of Alexandria Virginia, triumphantly, if humbly, explains: Unlike the Redskins Algorithm (the incumbent political party wins the presidency of the United States if the Washington Redskins American […]

Cats in space

The video of a cat adjusting to zero gravity recalls the article “Does a Cat Always Land on Its Feet?” which was published in the July/August issue of the Annals of Improbable Research (and which was featured on the cover). (Thanks to Mark Dionne and Boing-Boing — which also spotlighted the Ig Nobel Prize-winning frog […]

World Toilet Summit

A reminder: next month the World Toilet Summit will convene in Beijing. It’s a three-day affari, on November 17-19, held under the auspices of the World Toilet Organization. Last year’s event proved to be photogenic. (You may want to start a toilet association in your area. If so, the WTO is willing and eager to […]