Gluteal hardness in security guards

Peter Freundlich’s how-to study "Assessing Gluteal Hardness in Security Guards," appears in the special Security Issue of the Annals of Improbable Research. It begins: Here is something that will almost certainly happen to you at some point in your life, if it hasn?t happened repeatedly already: You will be engaged in what seems to you […]

Bed rest triumph

A glowing press release brings news of the end of the WISE (Women International Space Simulation for Exploration) bed-rest experiment: The volunteers in question are twelve women, drawn from seven European countries. Since March they have been confined to bed at the MEDES (French Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology) space clinic in Toulouse, in […]

Deep breathing in Istanbul H2O

Five days underwater in a shopping mall swimming pool were enough to get Namik Ekin mentioned in a newspaper (and mentioned here). The May 15, 2005 issue of Turks reports that: A former Turkish marine stayed underwater for 121 hours and 35 minutes, breaking a world record, on Sunday. Namik Ekin, a former Turkish marine, […]

Dread weapon

The DREAD weapon system is said to use centrifugal force (which, as all scientists know, is a shorthand term for something slightly different) to fire high-tech miniature golfballs in rapid succession at high speeds. Its manufacturer, Leader Propulsion Systems, has modestly kept a low public profile. A series of reports by are revealing the […]