Do Chopsticks Cause Disease?

A fear is (apparently) laid to rest: Does using chopsticks cause disease? The answer is in this report: “Use of chopsticks for eating and Helicobacter pylori infection,” W. K. Leung., J. Y. Sung., T. K. W. Ling., K. L. K. Siu and A. F. B. Cheng, Dig Dis Sci 44, 1999, pp. 1173-6. See co-author […]

Nothing But

The world’s vast collection of research journals contain many reports about positive results that turn out, later, to be simply not so. A small number of journals work hard to publish results that are, from the beginning, apparently not so. Here are two such journals. The Journal of Negative Results website is here. The Journal […]

Bugs Count

If you count bugs in Britain, please file your information. Do it the Big Bug Count headquarters,here. If necessary, use the Big Bug Count Splatometer, a copy of which can be obtained here. For advanced bug-splat identification, see Mark Hosteteler’s Ig Nobel Prize-winning book, here.

Dental Teaching and Chewing Gum

We have just learned about a simple new dental investigation, which was presented to the world thus: “Evaluation of CDs and Chewing Gum in Teaching Dental Anatomy,” Kenneth L. Allen, New York University, USA D.L. Galvis, New York University, USA R.V. KATZ, New York University, USA Methods: One group (N=26) received a 50 minute standard […]

It’s Dangerous to Worry?

Worrying about the cost of medical care appears to increase the risk of dying after a cardiac procedure, a study finds. So begins a May 17, 2004 report in HealthDay by Ed Edelson. Read the report here. Thanks to investigator Kristine Danowski for bringing this to our attention.