Young Lion Researcher

Investigator Verena Wieloch writes about a young researcher she happened to see: I got to go to the invitation only dress-rehearsal of the Lion King last night, We had a four year old doing a very hilarious play by play behind us. The mother was apologetic, but the kid was so funny, we didn’t care. […]

Study, Study, Play, Play

In Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 14, 1973 Alyce Taylor Cheska organized and chaired a meeting of over thirty scholars who were identified as publishing research within the general rubric of play, and with this critical mass of interested scholars the Cultural Anthropology of Play Reprint Society was born… Thus does the The Association for the […]

More From Professor Lester

How does he do it? How does Professor David Lester, the wonderfully prolific suicidologist who has published well over 1000 academic reports, many on aspects of suicide, manage to produce so much fine work? Professor Lester and his work were profiled in the Mar/Apr issue (vol 10, no. 2) of the Annals of Improbable Research. […]