More About Mastache

There’s much info available about Professor Jesus Mastache Roman, the scholar who was the unfortunate posthumous victim of a typographical error that converted him into the memorably named Jesus Mustache Roman. Professor Mastache’s son, Alberto Mastache, has compiled a good deal of biographical and other knowledge about Professor Mastache.  (Thanks to Alberto Mastache for alerting […]

The maneuvers of Heimlich

We have been reading strange reports about the celebrated Dr. Henry Heimlich of Heimlich Maneuver fame. A report in the December 8 issue of the Detroit Metro Times is headlined "Off the Deep End." We ourselves recently  encountered and heartily enjoyed the stirring book "Milk: The Deadly Poison," co-authored glowingly by Dr. Heimlich’s wife, Jane […]

Dr. Reisman is Excited

Dr. Judith Reisman, whom we profiled recently, is now reported to be in a new sex-fueled frenzy. Some time right after our profile appeared, Dr. Reisman’s online collection of wonderfully explicit dirty pictures, which she produced so that the public could recognize what to avoid looking at, was removed from her web site. Or perhaps […]

Who/What is Them?

"For cognitive psychologists, the student is the ideal subject. They are our drosophila, those hearty fruit flies studied by geneticists because they breed rapidly and have short lives and can be selectively bred for all sorts of traits." So says Roddy Roediger, in an essay called "What Should They Be Called?"

Pimple on Frankenstein

It is time, once again, to celebrate one of academia’s most memorable courses: “Frankenstein in America: Science, Technology, and Values in the United States,” American Studies Program, Indiana University (1997). A202, Section 0343, Spring 1997 Kenneth D. Pimple, Ph.D. Tuesday-Thursday 8:00-9:15 am, Ballantine Hall 333 Description The name “Frankenstein” evokes the very clear image of […]