Bush/Rumsfeld vs. the cetaceans

Certain persons’ opinions count more than others in the matter of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld versus the neighbors. The October 20, 2004 court opinion is a matter of record. In summary, the judges’ opinion is stark and simple: "We conclude that the Cetaceans do not have statutory standing to sue." To put this in […]

The author’s heavy hand

According a Canadian press report: Margaret Atwood, author of futuristic fantasies The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, has invented a prototype remote autographing device that has the potential to revolutionize book signings. (Thanks to investigator Genevieve Reynolds for bringing this to our attention.)

Big thinker

Martine Rothblatt has it all: a big, bold simple solution to a hitherto-intractable Middle East political situation; a pioneering track record in high tech; a bold, sure-handed vision for biotechnological ethics; and a more-than-compelling personal story. (Thanks to Mark Dionne for bringing this most unusual of entrepreneur/attorneys to our attention.)

Test a Parrot

The report "Testing a Language-Using Parrot for Telepathy," by Rupert Sheldrake and Aim?e Morgana, includes these provocatively calming words of confident caution: [T]hese experiments provide compelling evidence of interspecies telepathy. This phenomenon is currently unexplained within the dominant scientific model. (Thanks to investigator Audrey Devine-Eller for bringing this to our attention.)