Rate the Poets

Our Rate-the-Poets Project question of the month is: Which of these three poets (click here to see them) would you be least likely to buy a used car from? Data from this question will be added to our database, for future analysis.

Windows Bug in the Drains

Investigator Wendy Grossman recently sent us this report about a systemic bug: I was at a press conference on Thursday with PalmSource at One Aldwych, which is one of those hyper-modern London hotels. One of its features is a airplane-style vacuum-operated toilet system. One of the Palm execs told me that while they were staying […]

The Name of the Beast

Every kind of bug or beast or plant or other living creature has a formal name. Some of those names are strange indeed. Investigator Mark Isaac has compiled lists many of the strangest. See his collection here. Thanks to investigator Antonio de la Nuez Latorre for bringing it to our attention.

AIR Teachers’ Guide

Three out of five teachers agree: curiosity is a dangerous thing, especially in students. If you are one of the other two teachers, AIR and mini-AIR can be powerful tools. Choose your favorite hAIR-raising article and give copies to your students. The approach is simple. The scientist thinks that he (or she, or whatever), of […]