AIR Teachers’ Guide

Three out of five teachers agree: curiosity is a dangerous thing, especially in students. If you are one of the other two teachers, AIR and mini-AIR can be powerful tools. Choose your favorite hAIR-raising article and give copies to your students. The approach is simple. The scientist thinks that he (or she, or whatever), of […]

Pithy Intro to Flowing Hair

For a good, concise, pictorial introduction to the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS), savor the two-page spread that appears in the Special Beauty Issue of the Annals of Improbable Research. Read it here. Then go to the Club’s home page, which is here. If you know someone who should be a member, please […]

Studmuffin of Science Rumor

I teach at a school in Englewood Colorado, and I’d like your help with a rumor. My teammate’s daughter has heard that her science teacher was in the calendar “Studmuffins of Science.” His name is Timothy (TJ) Donahue, and he teaches at Cherry Creek High School. Can you help us verify this rumor either from […]

Nothing for Nano? No!

So far we have received no entries — not a single one — for our contest to choose the best limerick on the topic Nanotechnology and Albanian Prime Minister Fatos Nano We therefore declare the contest to be over. We feel that to end this contest without any winner would be an insult to Prime […]

Longer Brief History

A Briefer History of Time is now five years old. Eric Schulman’s 200-word classic article “The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less,” expanded to book length, was published five years ago. To celebrate, the author has updated the history, and posted a free downloadable copy (in the form of a PDF file) […]

Homemade Zygotes — Just Like Mom’s!

"’Homemade Zygotes — Just Like Mom’s!’"  You may not be that far off!" So writes investigator Ron Josephson. The phrase is familiar to regular readers of AIR’s Unclassified Ads section, in which an ad saying exactly that has been appearing relentlessly for years now. See for example, the Unclassified Ads section in the magazine’s Jan//Feb […]

Five Pages on Cake

If you read our recent column “The Mystery of the Yellow Cake” (in The Guardian) about a mathematics paper called “The Yellow Cake,” and were bemused or confused, here’s a remedy. The phrase “yellow cake” is not explained or even mentioned anywhere in “The Yellow Cake.” That is the mystery. We have just received a […]