Angular Momentum – Groundhog

Investigator Dwight Fisher sent us this report from the field: I was taking a much needed rest from my scientific pursuits with a collection of technical support staff in a local vegetarian restaurant located on a busy street near downtown Athens, Georgia. One of the staff looked out the window and said, “What is that?” […]

Home-Grown Growth Curves

Do you find yourself pregnant, and wanting some mathematical amusement? Here’s something simple and pleasing. During the course of the pregnancy, use a lamp to project your silhouette on the wall once a week. Have someone trace the outline in pencil. You might want to write the date next to each curve. (You might also […]

Fingerprint Art — Another Look

“Where can I find your remarkable collection of fingerprint art?” writes investigator Sheila Soames. She, and anyone else who wants a look, can see it here. By clicking on successive links, one can see a total of eight majestic artworks, each composed within the confines, yet taking advantage of the conformations,of human fingerprints. The originals […]

Rate the Poets

Our Rate-the-Poets Project question of the month is: Which of these three poets (click here to see them) would you be least likely to buy a used car from? Data from this question will be added to our database, for future analysis.