Filth-in-Foods Paeans

Here are two new Filth-in-Foods paeans. They were composed in tribute to Sidebottom’s classic ‘Fundamentals of Microanalytical Entomology: A Practical Guide to Detecting and Identifying Filth in Foods.’ These paeans are part of an ongoing project that was introduced in mini-AIR 2004-01. INVESTIGATOR HEATHER HEWITT: Olsen, Sidebottom, and Knight Endeavor to help shine a light […]

Mad Cow / Opera

Is mad cow disease a tragedy of operatic scale? Not yet, but it is of mini-operatic scale. “The Brain Food Opera,”a mini-opera in 3 acts, was performed at the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. The entire libretto is here, and you can hear the perfomance by listening to NPR Science Friday’s broadcast of the ceremony, […]

The Lugnut Letters

In Re Louis the Lugnut You dastardly FIENDS!!!! How could you kill Louis the Lugnut??????! Bring him back!!!!!!! F. T. Alvis, Ph.D.,University of Cambridge, England That is the first in our voluminous collection of letters regarding the demise of the “Louis the Lugnut” comic strip. The Lugnut Society, the foremost group of admirers and scholars […]

Improbable Research