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How high and why

If one is encumbered by something, one tends to assume that other people are encumbered too — even when they’re plainly not. That’s the implication of recent research by the Perceptual-Motor Dynamics Lab at the University of Cincinnati, US. Half of the experimental subjects were fitted with ankle-weights – which encumbered them. They were then […]

Mongolian Gerbil psychoacoustics

Mongolian Gerbil psychoacoustics have been under investigation for several years now by Dr. Joan Sinnott, Endowed Professor of Research at the  Psychology Department, University of South Alabama, US. And now, for the first time (?) an experiment has quantified gerbils’ ability to recognise vowel sounds in human speech. The study finds that “Gerbils easily learn to differentiate […]

Seated Performances

Dr. David Bissell,  lecturer in sociology at the Research School of Social Sciences, the Australian National University, points out in a recent exploratory article that: “Sedentary bodies invariably spend much time seated.” The research paper examines the broader concept  of  ‘comfort’  by focussing in particular on one commonly-used comfort-provider — The Chair: “I explore sitting […]